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Our Products

We believe that openness and transparency are the keys not only to building good relationships with our clients, but also to building reliable and secure software. Thus, we are proud sponsors of several open source software projects:

Cheetah: The Python-Powered Template Engine

Cheetah is a Python-powered template engine and code generator.

It can be used standalone or combined with other tools and frameworks. Web development is its principle use, but Cheetah is very flexible and is also being used to generate C++ game code, Java, sql, form emails and even Python code.

Cheetah has a large and active user community. Products built with Cheetah are used by most of the Fortune 500. One prominent new user is, a startup funded by Paul Graham.

“I'm enamored with Cheetah”
-Sam Ruby, senior member of IBM's Emerging Technologies Group & director of Apache Software Foundation
“Give Cheetah a try. You won't regret it. ... Cheetah is a truly powerful system. ... Cheetah is a serious contender for the 'best of breed' Python templating.”
-Alex Martelli, Uber Technical Lead, Google Inc., core Python developer & author of several popular Python books


pgdiff is a tool that compares the structures of two PostgreSQL databases and generates a sequence of SQL commands that will transform the structure of the first database to be identical to the second (analagous to diff and patch). It includes an advanced web interface that makes testing and exploration easy. Database schemas can come from live databases, SQL files, or direct input.

Webware for Python

Webware for Python is an application server and persistent servlet framework. Webware provides automatic session, cookie, and user management and can be used with almost any operating-system, web server, or database. Through Python, it works with XML, SOAP, XML-RPC, CORBA, COM, DCOM, LDAP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, SSL, etc. Python supports structured exception handling, threading, object serialization, unicode, string internationalization, advanced cryptography, and more. It can also be extended with code and libraries written in C, C++, Java and other languages.

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